Are you a Freelancer or an Entrepreneur?

So what are you?

It is awesome to be one of them. But you would be kidding yourself if you act like one but in reality you are the other one. This simple distinction in itself can clear a lot of confusion and bring clarity at times of frustrations. I can totally understand your feeling of not getting the results you are expecting despite of your hard work and perceived expectation. And trust me on this – it is perfectly fine because many among us have this confusion and lack of clarity. But upon understanding your true motives and being absolutely true to yourself in terms of what you are and what you are aiming for, you can breathe a sigh of relief. This will bring you clarity so that you can do what needs to be done rather than beating around the bushes.


And that is the simplest form of distinction between a freelancer & an entrepreneur.

Imagine Leonardo Da Vinci is still alive in 2014 and you want a painting drawn by him. As long as he can produce a painting that you can buy, he is getting paid sharing his expertise. But as soon as he decides to paint or produce nothing, it’s all gone.

Now consider Mark Zukerberg of Facebook. His shareholders are paying him crazy money to grow the company. He is building something bigger than himself that encompasses people like you and me whose lives have changed forever. He is not writing codes. He is doing what he is best at and is delegating the rest. And guess what? He is even earning *CHA-CHING* when he is sleeping. Hence it is important to be clear as to what you currently are and what you are aiming for.

You don’t want to be just any freelancer. You want to be the best at your field. You want to share what you are extremely good at. That is your expertise! Imagine Da Vinci giving yoga instructions! *giggles* You also need to generate demand for your work and your offerings. According to me, that is possible by being the best in your industry, understanding your customers inside out so much so that you know them better than they know themselves and by being thoughtful & generous.

If you are on your journey towards entrepreneurship you need to forget me and start thinking we. You are on your journey towards building a business bigger than yourself that provides a solution to a certain segment of mass through your ideas and your work that elevates their lives. Learn to delegate and trust that it will be okay! Do what you are best at rather than hiring yourself to do almost everything.

So share with us your insights about what you believe you are and if this simple piece of information gave you a new perspective to things, then share your valuable thoughts in the comments section below. Till then stay happy creating a life you desire to live by cultivating your passion into business!


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