There are 2 kinds of people. Which one are you?

PhotoGrid_1394007093879There are people with results and people with reasons.

Have you ever noticed how certain people who even though come from horrible backgrounds with hardly any education somehow achieve what they want to achieve. In spite of coming from great adversities, they have a positive impact in the world. Then there are others who in spite of having all the advantages in the world with good education and a stable life yet seem to struggle. They can’t seem to find themselves and easily get frustrated.

We can easily infer from this that success has nothing to do with our background, place where we are born, the size of our body or the color of our skin. It is the attitude towards our life that determines whether we are man of results or man of reasons. Take for example a girl named Malala in Pakistan who has risen above the most fragile circumstances to find her potential to create results – an epic movement for the right of education for girls.

PhotoGrid_1393937401149 (1)So I’ve got a question for you. Who here has given themselves these excuses and I want you to be honest because I myself am guilty of some. Not enough time, can’t afford it, too old to do it, too young to achieve it, not qualified enough, too qualified to be accepted or a simple reason like I am tired. We have all kinds of reasons but no results. We are amazing storytellers and yet this talent of ours is wasted on ineffective communication to ourselves and others. More often than not we find ourselves double dipping between reasons and results if not completely belonging to one side or the other.

But when we have a choice to choose sides, why can’t we have results? I know of a way to be on the good side. Its BEHAVE YOURSELF TO RESULTS. Behave the way in which you will get results. When you dream the dream, act the dream too.

Now I want you to take 3 minutes of your precious time and spend it on yourself. I want you to find a person closest to you now and tell them – what is that one thing you really want to do and what are the 2 reasons you are giving yourself that stops you from achieving it. Once you have done that tell them 2 ways of how you can behave yourself to get results.

Now this exercise in itself is an ideal way to check in which side you are in. You can choose to do this 3 minute exercise now or keep it for later. However you choose it is perfectly fine because it is an exact reflection of how you play your life. Do you play with reasons or results? Are you someone with results or are you someone with reasons? Go on and have fun slam dunking all your reasons and tell us below how it went. Share it because the more you share the more results you will get.


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