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See you in future (a.k.a Digital Land). Here’s why this is good news!

large_readytogodigitalI still clearly remember my 1st interaction with the digital world. I was merely in grade 3 (1995) and my father got a computer for my elder sister because at that time it became very important for her to own one of her own for her school work. I was super excited seeing the big box and soon playing games there became my favourite thing to do. Then came along the modem – more opportunities for my sister, pain for my mother because the phone was engaged pretty much all the time and more crazy games for me to play. Digital land evolved and now here we are in 2014.

19 years, almost 2 decades and the drastic changes are unbelievable. From people running multi-billion dollar businesses online to having a separate social life altogether in various social medias; the digital space has completely changed the way we operate nowadays. These changes are going so strong and fast that in no time our future will evidently lie in the digital land.

The Digital Land has its own advantages and disadvantages. I also know that there are many people who will find everything wrong with it and you are most probably right. Sure it has its ‘bad stuffs’ but I am an optimist by nature and I’d like to see the good in everyone and everything before being too pessimistic. Everything has two sides. Good/evil, night/day, light/dark – depends what you want to choose.
The future is bright in Digital Land. Here’s why!

  1. funny-cartoon-pictures-6Freedom to work from anywhere in the world by running your own online business.
  2. Opportunity to meet like-minded people not only where you reside but all over the world.
  3. Your creativity can be nurtured by providing solutions to markers that previously were not attainable.
  4. Create your own empire/tribe from resources already existent (e.g.: people running million dollar business through Facebook/Pinterest).
  5. Gain education of higher quality because now truly the world is your teacher and your curriculum lies online.
  6. Help is just one click away as there is so much information in the digital space regarding anything and everything.
  7. Collaboration can be done with others in seconds, which previously required us crossing 7 seas to be present.
  8. Interaction with your idols, guru and mentors made much easier and they are more accessible.
  9. More choices of how you want to lead your life by learning through others experience.
  10. Expansion of your mind by making yourself available to alternate options of doing one thing in various ways.

The list can go on and on. However, the most important thing to consider is that we need to be tuned with the changes occurring around us to equip ourselves with better chances of winning and thriving. The future lies in digital world. You can look at any industry (retail, telecommunication, information, etc.) or any aspect of your life (education, health, mind, etc.) every single one of those space and the dynamics of how they operate have changed in last 20 decades due to the introduction of digital world.

So share with us in the comments section below how the digital world has affected your life in a positive way because I am sure it did. It did for me because let me share this with you that I found my life partner in the digital world. : D


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The power of choosing yourself.

THE-POWER-TO-reinvent-YOURSELF-How often do we choose everything else in the world over ourselves? To all my readers whose Wednesday is about to end…have you yet chosen yourself once over other things today? And to all my readers whose Wednesday is about to begin…did you plan to choose yourself over other things at any point this day today?

Easy to forget when you are going about doing your daily activities, right? You can choose pride, solitary, money, anger, fame, love, friendship/foe, job you don’t like and literally anything under the sun. But have you ever actively chosen yourself?

Choosing yourself means giving yourself a VVVIP Business Class ticket to your journey towards life. Funny or sad, whichever one you chose, no one is going to give you that ticket ever. I mean never ever…except yourself.

What sort of power do you get by choosing yourself?


Self-Actualization or spirit enlightenment is the highest point in need hierarchy for an individual. If you choose ‘yourself’ in doing things aligned with your needs and desires then you allow your inner being to be nourished with gratitude and contentment. The satisfaction you get out of this is intangible and can be only measured through emotions you feel.

  1. piccit_mind_body_soul_1920_x_1200_o_387085396.1680x0MIND REFRESHMENT

At any given point of time our mind is bombarded with 2 million bits of information per second. Out of those 2 million our conscious mind picks up only 134 bits of information per second. Those 134 bits are what you know any given second. If you are constantly giving priority to everything else other than yourself then those 134 bits will always be everything else other than yourself. This can become a permanent set of information your mind will entertain unless you actively change what you receive. Hence it’s important to refresh your mind and give your conscious mind the opportunity to flourish.


Invest in yourself. Everything else can lie, except your body. It never lies. Like they say every action has an opposite reaction, likewise everything you do or think is reflected in your body. When you do something that you don’t feel like doing you get that sick feeling in your stomach. When you are in love you literally feel butterfly in your stomach. Use your body as a compass to your decisions.

Ultimately the power of choosing yourself is critical because it combines a holistic approach that touches all aspect of life that is vital for an individual’s well-being. So how do you feel about choosing yourself? If you like what you read then you will love Wednesdays because every Wednesday (HUMP DAY) we strive to reach knowledge excellence.

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